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Technology Assessment

The "WWW Virtual Library Technology Assessment" is part of the Virtual Library Community – a worldwide community of standardised thematic virtual libraries. It is provided as an interactive link collection for the EPTA community by the Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA), Vienna, and maintained with the help of the international TA community.

TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT (TA) investigates the use of new technologies within their societal context. Analyses provide the basis for developing technological and organisational design alternatives and regulatory measures which may be required. The overall aim is to foster a balanced development of society and the environment, which maximises societal benefits from technological progress while avoiding negative impacts. TA is always interdisciplinary, often transdisciplinary. Read more about TA, its methods and institutional forms here.

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5 Link(s)

  • [42] Technology assessment and evaluation on the WWW – a (small) database by BIOGUM - Technikfolgenabschätzung und -bewertung im WWW (languages: German) [submitted by ITA on 18 May 1999] [last modified on 05 Jul 2006] Update URL!
  • [43] TA database – run by the German ITAS, this database contains TA institutions (languages: English, German) [submitted by Riehm on 20 May 1999] [last modified on 19 Nov 2004] Update URL!
  • [130] Useful links – provided by the Danish Board of Technology (languages: English, Other) [submitted by MN on 09 Jun 2000] [last modified on 30 Jan 2008] Update URL!
  • [171] TA-Net-BW – TA Network Baden-Württemberg. Documentation of TA related research of 428 institutions in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.
    Page features: comprehensive database on institutions and projects with optional search by subject term; large collection of links (for TA links follow WWW-Links button) (languages: German) [submitted by MN on 21 Feb 2001] [last modified on 07 Jul 2006] Update URL!

  • [213] TA-NET-NRW – TA online-platform for the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen. Features among other things a collection of introductory texts to TA, an intro to methods of TA and an extensive list of links which you can find here. - Ein Portal zum Thema TA mit Schwerpunkt Nordrhein-Westfalen und gleichzeitig Kommunikationsplattform des AKTAB (Arbeitskreis Technikfolgenabschätzung und- bewertung des Landes NRW). (languages: German) [submitted by Veit Hartmann on 26 Mar 2002] [last modified on 07 Jul 2006] Update URL!

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