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  • [82] PREST – Policy Research in Engineering, Science and Technology. Areas of research comprise: Foresight, forecasting and prospective studies; innovation studies; regional innovation; research and policy evaluation; research and technology management; science and technology policy; security and defence studies; sustainability and technological change.
    Page features: free download of discussion papers and reports; a "Guide to the Organisation of Science and Technology in Britain"; an archive of "Science Insight", a monthly round-up of news about UK Science, Engineering and Technology... (languages: English) [submitted by ITA on 01 Jun 1999] [last modified on 13 Jul 2006] Update URL!

  • [84] SPRU – Science and Technology Policy Research Unit (University of Sussex at Brighton). Research on the growth, sustainability and responsible governance of science, technologies and innovation systems and along the lines of: innovation in firms and industries; science and technology systems; governance and sustainability.
    Page features: free download of the Electronic Working Paper Series; documentation of research projects... (languages: English) [submitted by ITA on 01 Jun 1999] [last modified on 13 Jul 2006] Update URL!

  • [85] POST – Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (London).
    Page features: POST publishes POSTnotes (short briefing notes) and longer reports. All publications (since 1995) are available for free in PDF format. (languages: English) [submitted by ITA on 01 Jun 1999] [last modified on 14 Jul 2006] Update URL!



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