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We are not aware of any Japanese institution explicitely devoted to TA. Below you find governmental agencies related to the field of science and technology. We would be pleased for any hint at a genuine TA institution.

4 Link(s)

  • [133] i2ta – Innovation and Institutionalization of Technology Assessment in Japan (languages: English, Other) [submitted by MN on 27 Oct 2010] Update URL!
  • [124] NIES – National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan. General fields of research comprise: interaction between society and environment; biodiversity; impacts of environmental pollutants on human health and ecosystems; global environment; water/soil environment; waste, recycling and sustainable materials; atmospheric environment; environmental risk assessment for chemicals.
    Page features: newsletter; bibliography of publications; quite a large number of different databases on environmental issues as well as a research paper database that can be accessed free of charge (languages: English, Other) [submitted by MN on 30 May 2000] [last modified on 10 Jul 2006] Update URL!

  • [125] NII – National Institute of Informatics. NII seeks to advance integrated research and development activities in information-related fields, including networking, software, and content. Activities range from theoretical and methodological work to applications, especially in the field of "Cyber Science Infrastructure".
    Page features: several databases, publications, research reports, lots of search options; NII also hosts several webpages for scholarly communication (languages: English, Other) [submitted by MN on 30 May 2000] [last modified on 10 Jul 2006] Update URL!

  • [127] AIST – Agency of Industrial Science and Technology. AIST cover six research fields: life sciences and technology; information technology; nanotechnology, materials and manufacturing; environment and energy; geological survey and applied geoscience; meteorology and measurement technology.
    Page features: a research information database; a database for research result presentations; access to the agencies own publications for research results; annual report (languages: English, Other) [submitted by MN on 30 May 2000] [last modified on 10 Jul 2006] Update URL!



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